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Everyone needs a little time away sometimes. This is why there’s such a hype around spas, yoga and hammam. People use them to blow off steam or to relax after a long day at work. What if they could take this feeling everywhere they go? We created Aroma Wellness Finishes that have a positive effect on the emotional state of the user. With these features, your textiles actually have the power to make someone’s day.


For our Aroma Wellness Finishes, we use our BAYSCENT® technology. With this product, you add aromas such as coffee, lavender and camomile to your textiles. As BAYSCENT® reacts to movement, its active ingredients are released when the user needs them most. During a yoga session, for example. The effect of the aroma is up to you, as you can choose your own products. Want to boost the energy level of your customers? Then go with coffee. Want to add an extra dimension to your customer’s favourite towels? Then choose camomile.

Product Description
BAYSCENT® ACE Vitamins are important for your health. Vitamin A is an anti-oxidant which protects you against free radicals and enhances your immune system. Vitamin C is essential for maintaining a healthy and functioning body and protects you from toxic minerals. Vitamin E is essential to keep your body feeling and looking young.
BAYSCENT® CAMOMILE Camomile is famous for its calming and relaxing properties with a scent that keeps everything smelling like fresh laundry.
BAYSCENT® COFFEE Almost universally loved, the smell of freshly grained coffee evokes memo-ries of a Sunday morning breakfast and an energetic start to the day. Its invigorating aroma stimulates feelings of alertness and activates your brain.
BAYSCENT® FLEUR DE LAVANDE Lavender flowers are well-known since ancient times for its anti-septic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory characteristics. It is also used for its relaxing, calmative and soothing quality.
BAYSCENT® GINSENG Ginseng is the most famous natural product with vitalising properties. It is rich in antioxidents and its scent can help to reduce stress and promotes relaxation.
BAYSCENT® MENTHOL Clear your mind and breathe better with menthol.


Do our Aroma Wellness Finishes sound appealing? Let us know!


We conducted several market studies and found out about your customers’ hopes and dreams. We then used this information to create four magical finishes that you can add to your fabrics to make your customers feel even better.


Make sure your customers stay comfortable during a high intensity work-out. Thermo finishes release active ingredients to the user’s body that cool them down or keep them warm.


People with busy schedules don’t have time for slow drying skin creams. Create the ultimate outfit that moisturises their skin on the go!


Boost the energy level of your customers with coffee aromas during a yoga session. Then soothe them with camomile finished towels after a long bath.


Clothes get even more luxurious when they smell amazing. Add scenting finishes to your textiles and give them a hint of summer, fresh air or even a well-known perfume.

Aroma wellness finishes integrated into textiles can have a great impact on your customers' state-of-mind and well-being. We offer a range that is suitable for the wellness feel.

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