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Sportswear done right can be complex, as they’re either too ventilating or too warming. Both feelings of discomfort can get in the way of a good work-out, especially when your customer is in the outdoors and unable to take measures. The same problem goes for bed linen and lingerie, that are meant to make people feel comfortable. We created Thermo Finishes, that release warming or cooling ingredients to the users’ skin.


Our Thermo Finishes come in two variations, that have either a cooling or a warming effect.


For the cooling version, we use the TASTEX® Cool technology. This finish releases active ingredients such as xylitol to the skin so that it cools off. You can compare the effect of TASTEX® Cool with a soothing balm, but in this case, the ingredients are activated exactly when they’re needed. TASTEX® Cool is easily added to bedsheets, underwear and sportswear of all kinds.


To keep your customers warm during their exercise or a good night’s sleep, we have TASTEX® Hot: a technology that releases warming ingredients to the body to prevent chills and shivers. TASTEX® Hot is the ultimate performance booster in times of winter, frost and heavy winds.

Our Thermo Finishes are added to your textiles through TASTEX technology


Do our Thermo Finishes sound appealing? Let us know!


We conducted several market studies and found out about your customers’ hopes and dreams. We then used this information to create four magical finishes that you can add to your fabrics to make your customers feel even better.


Make sure your customers stay comfortable during a high intensity work-out. Thermo finishes release active ingredients to the user’s body that cool them down or keep them warm.


People with busy schedules don’t have time for slow drying skin creams. Create the ultimate outfit that moisturises their skin on the go!


Boost the energy level of your customers with coffee aromas during a yoga session. Then soothe them with camomile finished towels after a long bath.


Clothes get even more luxurious when they smell amazing. Add scenting finishes to your textiles and give them a hint of summer, fresh air or even a well-known perfume.

Thermo finishes release active ingredients to the user’s body that cool them down or keep them warm.

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