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Fragrances are booming, especially in textiles. There are thousands of washing agents and softeners that make textiles smell like summer, flowers or the ocean. The sad thing is, such fragrances disappear over time. After just one day, clothes and towels start to smell musty, and sometimes even washing them doesn’t help. We created Scenting Finishes, that make your textiles smell great for a long period of time.


For our Scenting Finishes, we use our BAYSCENT® technology. With this product, you can add any fragrance you want. Think about the smell of roses, eucalyptus or even the fanciest perfume! As BAYSCENT® reacts to movement, its active ingredients are released when your customers use your textiles. This could be anywhere: on the street, in the bathroom or during a work-out.

Product Description
BAYSCENT® BODY LOTION s is a special lotion blend of aromas made from rose, jasmine and fresh flowers combined with the properties of Ylang-Ylang. It will reinforce your natural balance between body and mind.
BAYSCENT® CHANNEL Channel is a classic scent, where the addition of synthesized notes give a typical and well-known ambiguous floral-citrus-soapy scent.
BAYSCENT® GREEN TEA Drinking or applying green tea can show therapeutic, cosmetic and health benefits. The scent of green tea relaxes your mind while sharpening your mental focus. It refreshes your mind, lifts your spirit and improves your overall wellbeing.
BAYSCENT® JASMIN Jasmin is widely considered as one of the most exotic and delightful of all scents. It brings memories of a summer night and a fresh breeze that relaxes the senses.
BAYSCENT® LAVENDER The fragrant, pale purple flowers and buds have a recognisable scent. It gives a fresh fragrance and supports you in relaxing.
BAYSCENT® MORNING MIST The floral fresh and warm perfume is based on sparkling spicy citrus notes combined with Jasmin and wood on a garmound vanilla base. It drives the feeling of elegance and sophistication and reminds you of a top-end fine fragrance.
BAYSCENT® NEUTRALIZER Remove bad and unwanted odours with Bayscent® Neutralizer leaving fabrics with a fresh and pleasant scent.
BAYSCENT® ROSE The rose is the number one fragrance used for perfumes, as it is sweet but not too overpowering. Its scent is said to soothe negative emotions and can reinforce your memory.
BAYSCENT® STRAWBERRY The sweet but delicate scent of strawberries awakens positive associations to all good things in life: summertime, sun and indulging in the food of love. The odour provides a quick delight to our senses, soothes and balances your body and mind.
BAYSCENT® VANILLA BOUQUET Vanilla is a very recognizable and popular scent and is known for its relaxing properties and reducing anxiety and stress.
BAYSCENT® WHITE RABBIT BAYSCENT® White Rabbit will bring you back to a place of nostalgia! The very sweet and creamy fragrance is based on the traditional candy ‘White Rabbit’.


Do our Scenting Finishes sound appealing? Let us know!


We conducted several market studies and found out about your customers’ hopes and dreams. We then used this information to create four magical finishes that you can add to your fabrics to make your customers feel even better.


Make sure your customers stay comfortable during a high intensity work-out. Thermo finishes release active ingredients to the user’s body that cool them down or keep them warm.


People with busy schedules don’t have time for slow drying skin creams. Create the ultimate outfit that moisturises their skin on the go!


Boost the energy level of your customers with coffee aromas during a yoga session. Then soothe them with camomile finished towels after a long bath.


Clothes get even more luxurious when they smell amazing. Add scenting finishes to your textiles and give them a hint of summer, fresh air or even a well-known perfume.

The Bayscent® technology is suitable to add scenting finishes and fragrances to your textiles. These can give your fabrics a hint of summer, fresh air or even a well-known perfume.

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