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Back in the old days, people used to wash their clothes in rivers using clay. Simple, biological, and effective. They worked with what nature gave them and got fine results without the carbon footprint. Somewhere along the way, we’ve lost sight of nature and created new, but less natural ways of treating our textiles. A bit of a waste, as clay is still king when it comes to washing and bleaching methods.

Textile lovers

In the late 80s, TANATEX rediscovered the many advantages of clay as a treatment for cellulosic fibres and decided to go back to basic. They developed TANNEX® GEO and set the tone for a more environmentally friendly bleaching method. Being textile lovers, they never stopped working on the -very secret- recipe, and this year, they launch TANNEX® TERGEO. GEO 3.0, if you will, a natural product that’s fine-tuned to the needs of today’s textile manufacturers:

  • Magnificent cleaning results
  • Ecological and sustainable
  • Minimized processing costs

Jo Porré, product developer at TANATEX from the very beginning:
“Developing GEO is by far the greatest achievement of my professional career”

Soft and bleached

So how does it work? TANNEX® TERGEO gets mixed with hydrogen peroxide, an eco-friendly alternative to chlorine bleach. Because of the clay in TANNEX® TERGEO, however, the fibres don’t get damaged and they don’t turn harsh as they normally would. What you get, is soft and bleached fibres while washing less chemicals down the drain. Innovative, yet natural. Natural, yet reliable.



TANNEX® TERGEO offers pre-treatment performance for hydrogen peroxide bleaching that reaches the highest standards by using very gentle treatment. This results in the same or an even better degree of optical brightness with a minimal weight and strength loss. TANNEX® TERGEO also offers lubrication and running properties that enable unheard-of uniformity of the substrate after bleaching. Test results showed instant rewetting, even on x-cones, towels and difficult quality conditions, ensuring the highest hydrophilicity standards and low damage.


Clay is a natural product that replaces a significant amount of chemicals. The energy required in clay excavation and processing is much less than that needed for producing oil-based products. This ensures a very low carbon footprint. It goes without saying that TANNEX® TERGEO meets the highest of international standards and ecological requirements including the ÖKO-TEX® Standard 100 and RSL’s (Restricted Substances Lists).


TANNEX® TERGEO is a high performance mineral that offers detergency, wetting, sequestering, stabilization and lubrication all in one single product. This not only enables Right First Time and low substrate loss, TANNEX® TERGEO also keeps machines cleaner.


TANATEX wants to enable you to make the best evaluation possible. Our global team of product specialists is all set to provide you with additional product specifications tailored to your needs.


One of our local product specialists will contact you and advice how to use TANNEX® TERGEO in your specific installation.


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Receive a free sample of TANNEX® TERGEO and test the improved hydrophilicity results of our latest mineral based scouring and bleaching agent.

Practice and specifications

  • Special washing mechanism system designed for the preparation of materials ready to dye
  • Good wetting effect on greige fabrics
  • Controlled peroxide decomposition because of good stabilizing properties
  • Suitable for all cellulosic fibres and their blends with synthetic fibres, especially with elastane
  • Suitable for all machine types; Jets, Winches, Jigs and package machines
  • Positive effects on machine cleaning
  • Extremely low-foaming
  • Automatically doseable on most dosing installations
  • APEO free and biodegradable (OECD 302B: > 70  %, Zahn-Wellens)
  • Special washing mechanism results in good (silicone) oil elimination & good rewetting effect
  • Very high whiteness degree, especially in combination with OBA’s
  • Very good DP values, low damage factor (s-value)
  • Lower organic effluent charges, because of lower cotton weight losses and the mineral content of the product
  • ZDHC and ÖKO-TEX® Standard 100 approved
  • Meets RSL’s of most international brands/retailers

TANNEX® TERGEO is specially indicated for the following market segments for cellulosic materials:

  • Yarn bleaching where hydrophilic properties on the yarn after bleaching and before dyeing are requested
  • Towel bleaching and scouring, where a hydrophilic material is always required, either for dyeing or for full white material
  • High-end knit-goods, where hydrophilic properties are required for the dyeing process or for full white material
  • Elastane containing cellulosic material, where hydrophilic properties are required as well as a soft and short bleaching step to prevent damages on both fibre types.
  • Excellent re-wetting properties and whiteness degree with minimal damage of the cotton.
  • Very good running properties of the fabric on jet/overflow machines.
  • Indicated for packaging machines as there is no “Filter Sensibility” for X-cones.
Ionicity Nonionic
Form supplied Grey dispersion.
Density (20 °C) approx. 1,1 g/cm3
Viscosity (20 °C) approx. 800 mPa·s
pH (20 °C) approx. 7,0
Dissolving TANNEX® TERGEO can be dispersed easily in water. If necessary it can be added to the bath undiluted.
Dilution Miscible with water in any ratio.
Stability Stable to hard water up to 30° German hardness
pH stability Stable in usual normal conditions
Compatibility Compatible with anionic and nonionic products. Not compatible with cationic products and polymeric lubricants, e.g. polyacrylamide based products.




Mineral based auxiliary for all discontinuous bleaching processes with peroxide.

  • All-in auxiliary showing excellent scouring and bleaching effects
  • Good wetting effect in greige and rewetting effect after white for dyeing preparation
  • Special washing mechanism resulting in good (silicone) oil elimination and good rewetting effect
  • Low organic effluent charges
  • Very good DP values
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