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What makes a house a home? In today’s high paced society, people need comfy and cosy places to lounge, relax and let loose. Soft and smooth towels to crawl into, warm blankets and pillows to dream away in and delicate fabrics to decorate your home with. Those elements combined give the ultimate feeling of comfort.

There’s a large market for bed and bath textiles that have comfort as a main purpose. Towels, sheets and blankets all need to have a soft touch, a nice look and hygienic properties. Furthermore, the emergence of the sleeping health trend spurred a tremendous need for optimising bedrooms for the best night’s sleep. Your goal? Creating bed and bath fabrics that feel good, smell good and allows you to recharge!

What’s in it for me?

The world of textiles is moving fast. Even in the household market, which has been a solid market for many years, innovation has arrived. For you, this means new opportunities to distinguish yourself from other candidates, simply by adding a little extra to your bed and bath textiles. Coatings for non-slip bath mats bring extra safety to the bathroom, while insect proof fabrics offer extra protection against bed bugs. And if you really want to make people happy, you add an extra-large dose of luxury, too. Whether it’s through special skin-care treatments, cool sensations and a warm feeling. Or think about improving sleep with aromas that release relaxing or energising scents and the power of Far Infrared Rays that allows you to recharge during sleep.

In this context, sustainability is not only about fabrics being washable and armed against rigorous cleaning and usage. It’s also about production methods and fabric treatments that are save and kind to both people and the environment.

Our concepts enable you to offer that little extra something to bed and bath textiles. With hydrophilic softeners, anti-slip finishes and insect repellent impregnated finishes you create products that are both comfortable and functional. Scenting, down proof, aroma wellness and cosmetotextile finishes are the way to go when it comes to alluring people with extreme comfort. Moreover, all of our solutions are sustainable in use and production.

Concepts that fit

Do you go the extra mile for your customer? Win their hearts by turning everyday products into little pieces of heavenly comfort. Below we explain how to do so:


"Feel great by the beauty of textiles"


''The power of Far Infrared technology for textiles''


"When it comes to insect repellents, permethrin is your weapon of choice."




Microencapsulated scent for scenting textiles.

  • Perfumation of fabrics of every kind of fibres
  • Does not impair the handle
  • Suitable in all main finishing processes
  • Preferably applicable in padding
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Cosmeto-finish for enrichting textiles with the properties of CBD. The micro-encapsulated cosmetic ingredients can help reducing inflammation and supporting the skins healing process. Furthermore it has been seen that CBD is promoting your sleep.

  • Improving sleep by reducing anxiety symptoms and supporting relaxation
  • Skin-care agent for use in cosmetotextiles
  • Can be used on fabrics of any kind of fibre
  • Preferably applicable in padding
  • Does not impair the handle


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Q10 is a powerful antioxidant which helps to improve the signs of skin aging. It is known for stimulating skin cell renewal, generating and repairing the skin. At cellular level it revitalises the skin, leaving your skin feeling more energized.

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Skin-care treatment agent based on micelles, which gives a special cool sensation by the use of dynamic temperature control. The active components consist of xilitol, squalane, silk protein and erythritol.

  • Bound water in multi-layer micelle
  • Soft handle
  • Good affinity to fibre
  • Good reproducibility
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