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Consumers are waking up to the importance of sleep

Home » Blog » Consumers are waking up to the importance of sleep

Consumers are waking up to the importance of sleep

In 2013 the US Government launched its National Healthy Sleep Awareness Project suggesting the importance of sleep. This was prompted by a growing body of evidence that lack of sleep was costing its economy billions of dollars every year. According to the RAND Corporation $411 billion to be precise. This figure would be halved if those people sleeping for six hours got just one more hour of sleep.

America’s leading public health body, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has declared insufficient sleep a ‘public health problem’. More than one-third of American adults are regularly getting insufficient sleep. Studies by Johns Hopkins sleep experts revealed people suffering sleep deptivation increase their risk of obesity and heart disease by around 50%. In addition, this trebled their risk of type 2 diabetes. Moreover, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates 1.35 million automobile accidents can be put down to fatigue.

Of course, the problem is not limited to the US. The cost is even higher in Japan. RAND blames insomnia for 600,000 lost man hours equating to 2.92% of GDP or $138 billion dollars. Meanwhile, epidemiological studies by the European Sleep Research society reveal that 20-30% of adults suffer from insomnia. In addition, a study by the University of Warwick identified a significantly increased risk of high blood pressure and strokes among sleep-deprived subjects.


Sleep has given rise to a $30 billion dollar industry in the US alone.

The growing body of evidence that sleep can reduce obesity, and the risk of heart disease, dementia and even some cancers has not been lost on consumers. They now recognise their sleeping environment as a refuge from the stresses of modern life. Consumers are willing to invest in products that promise them a better night’s sleep and a longer, healthier, lifespan.

The desire to create the perfect ambience for sleep has developed the market for sleep enhancement. It includes bedroom furniture, specialist mattresses, pillows, curtains and blinds not to mention light, sound, temperature and humidity controls.

Therapeutic solutions have always been promoted as an aid to sleep, and these are thriving in the current climate. Homeopathic, over the counter and prescription sleep aids are all increasingly popular. As well as devices to remedy sleep apnoea with doctors and specialist sleep clinics offering everything from diagnostic testing to surgery.

Sleep consultants enjoy the growing interest in devices aimed to lengthen and improve the quality of sleep. You’ll find everything from bath products and reading devices to mindfulness activities. All leveraging the burgeoning market for sleep enhancements.

The growth of these markets in the US is replicating worldwide as awareness of the importance of sleep widens. The sleep disorder market is forecast to grow at 6.15% CAGR over the next seven years in Europe. Sleep tech devices are predicted to see a CAGR in excess of 15% up to 2025. The increase of an ageing population further fuels the market. This population is more susceptible to sleep disruption or disorder and with the means to afford solutions. After all, science is telling them that a bad night’s sleep won’t just affect the next day. It could take days off their life.


How Tanatex can help your customers sleep easier in their beds.

We’ve always been passionate about making a difference. Creating products that enhance your customers’ waking moments but now we’re working hard to improve their sleeping time too. We have developed a range of fabric treatments that will enhance the performance of your products. As well as reinforce marketing strategies building on the growing demand for both high quality bedroom products and sleep enhancement.

Our processing aids are a vital addition to the production of mattresses and bedlinen as are our anti-pilling solutions for box spring mattresses and headboards. We’ve also developed anti-slip and flame retardant finishes for mattresses and a range of easily applied treatments that promote deeper, healthier, sleep. These include long-lasting aromas of lavender, CBD and eucalyptus, enduring fresh linen or cotton fragrances and temperature control finishes for bedlinen and mattresses. Conversely, we can provide odour-control for institutional beds. We can also ensure that nothing unwanted disturbs your sleep, with triple bug control for mattresses, PFOA-free antimicrobial treatments for mattress covers and other treatments to alleviate the microorganisms that can cause allergic rhinitis.


Saving lives and the planet.

Do environmental issues keep you awake at night? You’ll be reassured to learn that we are working closely with mattress manufacturers to facilitate “cradle-to-cradle”, circular economy solutions. Mattresses have previously been a problem area for recyclers. Hence, this is critical work to create a more sustainable textile industry.

To find out more about how we can help you put insomnia to rest, on a number of levels, click here to view our solutions for bed & bath manufacturers or contact us to make an appointment. We’re always keen to partner with manufacturers to develop and explore fresh techniques and innovations. Especially when they could help transform the material quality of your customers’ lives.


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