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Spiro-Tex is a waterborne, solvent-free coating concept tailored to the modern demand of brands. It allows you to meet high performance levels, provide ultimate consumer comfort and comply to increasing environmental regulations. One by one achievable without making any concessions.

Meet our unique technology

Spiro-Tex’ technology is able to combine breathability, waterproofness and windproofness in a sustainable manner. This technology makes a textile breathable by allowing water vapor molecules to be transported from the inside of the textile to the outside of the textile. In addition, Spiro-Tex’ technology prevents water and wind to penetrate through the textile from the outside. Making the textile water- and windproof.

Note: Whereas a breathable fabric can transport water out of the textile. Air permeable fabrics let air into the textile. Meaning, air permeable fabrics are not windproof. This is not the same as breathability.


Application process

You are only three steps away from applying Spiro-Tex in your production process. See for yourself in this video!

Yes, we bring added value. A lot.


We don’t just offer solutions, we love to co-create them! Together with you, our experts and Spiro-Tex we can achieve the optimum fabric.


Spiro-Tex can meet high performance levels of breathability through water vapor transmission, waterproofness through water pressure resistance and windproofness through low to no air permeability.


As Spiro-Tex offers a solvent-free solution to generating high-performance breathable waterproof coating you contribute to a greener textile industry while complying to sustainable requirements.

Future proof production

Spiro-Tex meets sets a new standard in performance and sustainability. Because of this it will contribute to the continuity of your production of breathable fabrics.

Meet our expert

The development of Spiro-Tex is a milestone! All we wanted was to just change the state-of-the-art of breathable fabrics combining the needed properties: breathability, waterproofness and windproofness. By using a combination of available processing technologies and our newly developed binder, we were able to be the state-of-the-art change!

Breathable waterproof textiles market report

Discover the market of breathable waterproof textiles! Download our market report to learn more about the market growth, dynamics, consumer trends and more.



How sustainable is Spiro-Tex?

Spiro-Tex is currently assessed for BlueSign and is expected to be achieved by in August 2021.

Is Spiro-Tex water based, solvent free and formaldehyde free?


Is Spiro-Tex PFOA free?


What are the maximum specs of Spiro-Tex?

Water column: >10000
Breathability: >8000 g/m2/24h, Ret: 7 Pa/w.m2

What temperature is effective in snow / blazing sunshine?

-40 °C til + 70 °C

Where is Spiro-Tex available?

Spiro-Tex is available worldwide, contact your local TANATEX representative for more details.

Are there any restrictions in terms of production or sales of the final product?

Yes, EDOLAN WVT and articles produced with EDOLAN WVT are not allowed to be exported to the United State until March 2023.

What articles can be made from Spiro-Tex?

Spiro-Tex is a great concept for running jackets, rain coats, workwear, shoes, tents, sleeping bags, mattresses and more!

Are point-of-sales material available for Spiro-Tex?

TANATEX Chemicals can provide promotional materials that you can add to your textiles by using hangtags or special displays in your showroom to demonstrate the special features of Spiro-Tex.


TANATEX wants to enable you to make the best evaluation possible. Our global team of product specialists is all set to provide you with additional product specifications tailored to your production process.

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