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Qi-tex integrates the power of Far Infrared technology for textiles into a fabric finish. It is based on bio ceramics that consists of a blend of six minerals. That exact combination is extremely effective in absorbing and reflecting energy emitted by the human body. This energy penetrates up to four centimeters into your body which gives a boost to optimize all kind(s) of processes. It provides the wearer the ability to recharge whilst sleeping, preserve body heat, improve balance and improve athletic performance.

About the technology

The body is constantly emitting energy in the form of mid- and Far-Infrared radiation. Research shows that the human body experiences a daily energy loss of 100 watt. This in turn counts up to between a minimum of 55% and a maximum of 70% energy consumption.

A simple analogy

Compare it to a tennis ball and a racket. The ball hits the racket and transfers its kinetic energy to the racket, whilst deforming. Consequently, the racket then returns the energy to the ball, which bounces back.

With our minerals it is similar. We have put Qi-tex to the test at the Taiwan Textile Research Institute to measure its durability. Results show that our finish lasts between an astonishing 50 to 100 washes.

We have a winner!

Our Qi-tex concept has been chosen as a selected product for the Textrends awards of ISPO. This selection is based on the most innovative products, which are reviewed by an international jury of experts!

people we’ve captured

Many enthusiasts use Qi-tex. Here are some of their experiences!

‘without a doubt, a great discovery’

‘A sensation of stability and comfort’

‘I experienced a great recovery effect’

‘I woke up more relaxed and with less muscle pain’

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Frequently asked questions

How does Qi-Tex work?

Qi-tex integrates the power of Far Infrared technology for textiles into a fabric finish. Qi-tex reduces the loss of your body’s Far Infrared energy by absorbing and reflecting the emitted Far Infrared radiation back to your body. As a result, the reflected Far Infrared energy penetrates deep into your body. Hence, this gives the body the ability to recharge whilst sleeping, preserve heat, improve balance, and enhance athletic performance.

What are Infrared Rays?

Far Infrared rays are a component of infrared radiation. This is an invisible electromagnetic radiation, the wavelength of which is longer than of visible light. To clarify, there are three kinds of infrared radiation depended on their wavelength: near-infrared radiation (IR-A: 0.7∼1.4 µm), middle-infrared radiation (IR-B: 1.4∼3 µm), and Far Infrared (FIR) radiation (IR-C: 3∼1000 µm).

What is the effect of Far Infrared Rays?

Studies have found several benefits of using Far Infrared rays for the human body. The two main benefits are the ability of FIR to widen blood vessels and to increase oxygen levels. These two benefits in turn have major effects on our body. For instance, widened blood vessels result in an increase of blood circulation and faster exchange of nutrients and toxic waste products. In addition to that, it also results into warming the skin, promoting sleep and decreased fatigue. Further, increased oxygen levels lead to creating more energy to perform, heal, and recover from cramps. This in turn results into faster recovery of the muscles and its strength.

Are Far Infrared Rays damaging?

Far Infrared rays are not damaging if they occur from a natural physical process such as your own body. Qi-tex reflects emitted FIR rays to stimulate several benefits. Therefore, the only Far Infrared rays used originate from the human body.

What is the durability of Qi-Tex?

The durability is 50-100 washes. We have tested this at the Taiwan Textile Research Institute.

On which types of textiles can Qi-Tex be applied?

Qi-tex can be applied to any fabric type, especially cellulosic and their blends with synthetic fibres making it the Far Infrared fabric you need.

During which textile processes can Qi-Tex be applied?

Qi-tex is suitable for printing, coating, and spray application on garments.

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