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TANADYE® is able to save remarkable amounts of water, energy and time by optimizing the traditional two-bath dyeing method into a one-bath washing and dyeing step. Resulting in reduced carbon emissions and increased workplace efficiencies. TANADYE is the only system in the market to have perfected this single bath solution for polyester, polyamide and cellulosic fibres.

Our Unique dyeing process brings you fast forward towards your sustainability goals













TANADYE optimizes the traditional two-step pre-washing and dyeing process into one step. By doing this, we can help the textile industry reduce its water footprint and use it in a responsible way.

The TANADYE concept consists of three innovative special formulated auxiliaries for polyester, polyamide and cellulosic fibres. The addition of TANADYE® BOOSTER in the dyebath improves the dyeability boosting of the fabric, leading to superior quality.

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What do our clients say?

”By using TANADYE® we have been able  to fulfil our increasing environmental regulations while still being able to stabilize our costs”. 

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  • Reduces the CO2 footprint
  • Helps meet your sustainability goals
  • 80% biodegradable


  • Savings of water, energy and time
  • A time saving one-bath washing and dyeing procedure enabling higher
    efficiency, cost reduction and a careful use of energy
  • Prevention of substrate loss
  • COD BOD components absorbed by clay

Superior quality

  • Improves the quality of your fabrics due to shorter and better running process leading to an increased productivity
  • Less harmful to new generation fibres (less abrasion)
  • Reduction of strength loss
  • Better optical appearance
  • Anti-snagging
  • Crossmark reduction
  • Improved handle
  • Better levelness of the dyeing
  • Flexibility in processing (e.g. liquor ratio)

Supporting water.org

We are deeply aware of the importance of water to our planet and the fact that 785 million people still lack access to fresh water. To help address this, we have
teamed up with Water.org to make a change! Water.org provides life-saving fresh water supplies for drinking and sanitation to those parts of the world where it is scarcest. Learn more about Water.org’s mission and their impact here.

As TANATEX Chemicals we have engaged with every one of our employees to get involved in our donation for Water.org. As people who are as passionate about textiles and the environment, we are hugely excited about our latest innovative solutions. If you share our passions and want to know more about how we can help your business optimize its activities and thrive in the new, sustainable, world, please get in touch. Because saving water = saving lives.

Read more about water.org on their website ›

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Meet our expert

TANATEX wants to enable you to make the best evaluation possible. Our global team of product specialists is all set to provide you with additional product specifications tailored to your needs.

Darius Naroska 

Business Development Manager Classical Textiles


What are the savings in the production in terms of water, energy and processing time?

With TANADYE you are able to save up to 40% water, up to 30% energy and up to 30% processing time. Resulting in a reduced carbon footprint.

How biodegradable is TANADYE?

TANADYE products are 80% biodegradable.

How can TANADYE reduce my carbon footprint?

By minimizing your water and energy use your emissions will reduce leading to a reduced carbon footprint.

What technical support will be provided?

Full technical support will be provided from our TANATEX experts from start to finish.

What do I do in case of high impurities in my greige fabric?

In this case, a short pre-washing step can be carried out without a separate rinsing step, prior to the dyeing step.

How can shorter dyeing times improve the quality of my fabric?

Because TANADYE is able to provide less friction and less movement in the machine the quality of the fabric is significantly better.

How will this affect my fabrics performance?

TANADYE can improve your fabrics in terms of less sensitivity for snagging, better hand feel and superior hydrophility/moisture management.

What if my mill is already using ultra low liquor ratios, can we reduce water further with TANADYE?

If you are already using ultra low-liquor ratios, you can still aim to improve the general performance of your fabrics by using TANADYE in your dyeing process while saving water.

How can I let my consumers know I am reducing my water consumption?

By using hangtags on your garments you can inform consumers about the reductions made in the production process.

How can I support Water.org?

You can support Water.org by making a donation which will provide sanitation and drinking water to people in need.

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