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Uniting chemical science and real life

 “If I were working on a product like this at university, finishing it would take me over five years because of its complexity” “I just want to know everything.” This was what Marco Cirelli’s motivation was to start studying chemicals at the age [...]


Smart textiles: a time machine to competitive advantage

People are huge fans of everything that has the word ‘smart’ in it. It has turned the mobile phone into a James Bond-like gadget and TVs into home cinemas. But what about textiles? Making ‘clever clothes’ with technical features seems rather [...]


Stop the press! How to work miracles with your inkjet textile printer

People tend to believe new printing machinery comes with better results. They’re wrong. Typically, it’s not the equipment, but the knowledge of the user that makes the difference. We may live in a digital era; it would be nothing without the [...]


50 shades of white- on phenolic yellowing and other textile saboteurs

If white is a colour, it has about fifty different shades. Some are perfect for vintage lampshades, others do well in soothing wallpapers. But when you ask high-end fashion brands, there is just the one shade: bright, eyes-hurting, squeaky clean [...]


Permethrin treated clothing: everything it’s not

I spy with my little eye something beginning with … and then nothing. Permethrin finishes, effective as they may be, are invisible. And despite what you might think, their effect on your textiles is close to zero. There are many myths [...]

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