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As a strong player within the textile industry, we want to take our part of the responsibility for the current situation of our industry’s environmental performance. TANATEX is a company with a longstanding history to be proud of. In order to keep that legacy alive into future generations, sustainability and the conscious production of our products have been of major importance within our company strategy and is strongly embedded into our company culture.

Our environment is getting into motion, and we want to have an active part in that evolving movement. We therefore choose to be visible about our activities in and around our production facilities as well as about our products. To show that visibility we have decided to start reporting on those activities. We see this as a tool to get an effective conversation going with our stakeholders about sustainability and conscious production in order to improve ourselves, each other and our industry.

We are proud to present our first sustainability report!

In a world which is faced with more and more questions we hope to provide the right answers. To you, your customers, nature and humanity through our solutions, consulting, and – most importantly – our people.

Sustainability report


Cutting water and energy use by up to 40% in dyeing processes will help save our planet

The textile industry has an environmental mountain to climb. It is currently responsible for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions making it the second most polluting sector on the planet. Unless it can reduce its carbon footprint, the industry’s share of global greenhouse gas emissions is set to rise to 25% by 2050 as other […]

Reducing water use by up to 40% can save dyehouses money and reputations

The textile industry is under the environmental spotlight. And that spotlight is being directed most brightly on the industry’s water use which currently accounts for 10% of all industrial freshwater consumption and 20% of global wastewater pollution. For dyehouses, who depend heavily on water for their core processes, reducing the amount of water they use […]

Consumers are waking up to the importance of sleep

In 2013 the US Government launched its National Healthy Sleep Awareness Project suggesting the importance of sleep. This was prompted by a growing body of evidence that lack of sleep was costing its economy billions of dollars every year. According to the RAND Corporation $411 billion to be precise. This figure would be halved if […]

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