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How to use permethrin insecticides to meet army standards

Home » Blog » Insect Proof » How to use permethrin insecticides to meet army standards

How to use permethrin insecticides to meet army standards

The German army is a well-oiled machine. Consisting of 176,000 active troops, the organisation is a community on its own. In order to function the way it does, management teams have to be on top of pretty much everything. Their secret? Details. Protective clothing, for example, is not just made from good quality fabrics. A German army uniform is a state of the art piece of garment: flexible, waterproof, and insect proof thanks to permethrin insecticides. If you plan on becoming the army’s no. 1 textile supplier, you should know a thing or two about permethrin products. We tell you how to get to top shelf quality -and how to use permethrin insecticides in army textiles to meet their standards.


Why soldiers like permethrin

It is not by chance that armed forces all around the world are such permethrin fans. Soldiers are outdoors most of the time, and are exposed to insects daily. In Europe, they risk getting infected with Lyme disease trough tick bites, while in other parts of the world, all kinds of insects transmit life-threatening diseases like Malaria, Yellow Fever, Leishmaniasis, and the West Nile virus. Soldiers have better things to do than die through a mosquito bite, hence the need to find clever ways to protect themselves against everything that stings. Therefore, many army uniforms are treated with permethrin insecticides. The chemical formulation is safe for warm blooded creatures and can be added to textiles as a finish. As it attacks the nerve systems of insects, they either die or run. Soldier 1- mosquito 0!



At the bottom of this page, you can find a simple guide to permethrin insecticides and its regulations. 


Choose the best partner

Permethrin might be a very effective weapon to deter insects; not every permethrin product is. If you want to produce uniforms, sportswear, or any other kind of insect proof clothing, you should select the best permethrin finish you can possibly find. You should look for a trusted partner who can produce the permethrin product for you. But before buying anything, make sure you have done your homework. Who is this partner? Have they registered their permethrin product? Note that permethrin is an insecticide, meaning it is strictly regulated by national governments. Your partner should be able to tell you everything you should know about permethrin insecticides and its regulation and help you comply with all the rules. Also, make sure your partner has a proven track record of successful permethrin tests. If their product was found both safe and effective, you are ready to rock and roll.


Be that supplier you have always dreamt of

Speaking of partnerships: be the perfect ally to your customer. Do not just drop off their order and leave, but make sure they use your products in the right way. Stay around and provide them with a how-to guide. How should the garments be washed? For how long will the permethrin be active? What does the wearer of the clothes need to know about permethrin? Let them know you have put a lot of thought and energy in creating the very best insect proof clothing they can get. Customers, especially armed forces, always look for ways to innovate. So instead of losing them to your competition, be the one that comes up with new ideas on a regular basis.


Your secret weapon

With your permethrin product as a secret weapon, you can keep on improving the garments you produce. This way, you will both meet and exceed army standards, and turn every customer relationship into a long-lasting partnership. This is exactly what TANATEX tries to achieve, too. We do not just sell permethrin products; we make sure you and your end-user get the very best out of them.


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