Home » Blog » 4 sectors that desperately need permethrin impregnated textiles

4 sectors that desperately need permethrin impregnated textiles

Home » Blog » 4 sectors that desperately need permethrin impregnated textiles

4 sectors that desperately need permethrin impregnated textiles

Permethrin is a hot topic. To date, no insect proof agent is found more effective in protecting us against mosquitoes, ticks, or flies. As it attacks the nerve system of insects, it either drives them away or paralyses them as soon as they touch the permethrin impregnated textile. Soldiers, active travellers and outdoor enthusiasts are lining up to benefit from the many advantages of the insecticide. Time for textile manufacturers to jump in! We tell you about the top 4 sectors that desperately need permethrin impregnated textiles.


#1. Permethrin in the army

Soldiers get exposed to many different circumstances. They travel the world, sleep in tents and work in tropical areas. They therefore run a higher risk of getting infected with mosquito-borne diseases such as Malaria and Yellow Fever. But also in Europe, where tropical diseases hardly occur, soldiers (just as any other person) risk getting infected with Lyme disease through tick bites. This is why the German army started using permethrin products on the uniforms of their soldiers. The insects smell the permethrin and are forced to retreat immediately. The new solution worked out to be very effective, and soon permethrin products became the new army standard. Today, armies all around the world use permethrin products on their uniforms. It has made them a key client for textile manufacturers that work with permethrin finishers.


#2. Humanitarian institutions

The army is not the only organisation that sends people to the tropics. Humanitarian institutions such as the Red Cross and Doctors without Borders, operate in many countries affected by tropical diseases. As their employees work under dangerous circumstances, protecting them is a main priority. By equipping their doctors, nurses, and volunteers with permethrin impregnated clothes, humanitarian institutions lower the risk of mosquito-borne diseases to a minimum. Obviously, the solution also supports the people that receive medical help. By handing out permethrin impregnated clothing in areas that suffer from Malaria outbreaks regularly, many lives can be saved.



At the bottom of this page, you can find a simple guide to permethrin regulations and an essential overview of what you need to know!



#3. Worldwide tourism

Apart from soldiers and humanitarian institutions, there is another group that is particularly vulnerable to mosquito-borne diseases. These are the people that wander the forests in Asia, and visit natural parks in central-Africa on their holiday breaks. The active tourist is often outside of the city borders. They also like to explore foreign countries by going into nature. Mosquitoes, on the other hand, like to explore foreign people. They can detect the human scent from over thirty metres away, meaning they will find you no matter how you try to hide. Putting on more clothes is not an option, especially when you are in a tropical zone with high temperatures. This is why the active tourist desperately needs permethrin, as it will protect him against insects without taking too many precautions.


#4. Leisure wear

Do not focus on the globetrotters only, though. Think about all the people that sit behind desks from nine till five, and then go outside to blow off some steam. In their free time, they go cycling, hiking or camping in the surroundings of their own cities. The most common frustration of these people has everything to do with mosquitoes. They circle around their heads, follow them on a hike and leave nasty itchy bumps on their skin. Especially in tents, there is no hiding from mosquitoes, that are ready to strike whenever they can. If these outdoor sports enthusiasts would wear permethrin impregnated clothes, nature would be a much nicer place to be.


Discover more!

As you can see, the world could use more insect proof textiles. Even apart from these four sectors, there are many ways to add value to your products by using permethrin. Don’t know how to start? Just let us know. We gladly help you out!

In the meantime, download our white paper “Itchy questions on permethrin regulation- an essential overview” and find out what it takes to work with permethrin.


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