Home » News » TANATEX Chemicals Enters Strategic Alliance with WERKEN

TANATEX Chemicals Enters Strategic Alliance with WERKEN

Home » News » TANATEX Chemicals Enters Strategic Alliance with WERKEN

TANATEX Chemicals Enters Strategic Alliance with WERKEN

Ede, the Netherlands – December, 19 2022 – TANATEX Chemicals is pleased to announce it has entered into a Joint Venture with WERKEN Química Brasil Ltda.

As part of this new alliance, TANATEX will bring its expertise in textile technology, product development, sustainability, global presence, while WERKEN will bring its knowledge and expertise as an agile, flexible and customer oriented solution provider in Latin America. This alliance will allow the synergies that exist between the two companies to be realised for the benefit of our customers.

Simon Collinson, President and CEO of TANATEX Chemicals, commented: ‘’We are very excited about this new alliance. We have a great deal in common with WERKEN and share the same way of thinking and doing business. This can be traced back to how we both deal with the strong technical knowledge, the recognition as solutions providers and commitment to providing effective and sustainable solutions for our customers. When you add to that the synergies we will realize by teaming up, we have the perfect match.’’

Jefferson Zomignan, CEO of WERKEN Química Ltda., declared: “This alliance will bring the maximum performance and capabilities of each company, while respecting the legacy of both, and building a unique identity. WERKEN and TANATEX together will cover all segments and technologies of the textile processing chemicals field for the benefit of our industry, customers, employees, shareholders and society in general.”


About WERKEN Química Brasil Ltda

WERKEN Química Brasil Ltda was founded in 2008 by four professionals with over 25 years of experience in chemical processing and sales for the textile industry. With products ranging from pre-treatment to finishing applicable for all sorts of fibres, WERKEN is as an innovate and differentiating chemical processing company in Brasil. In collaboration with customers, WERKEN truly aims to meet its slogan, ‘Thinking and Living Customers’.

We stand out for the quality and excellence of our products, investing in the development of innovative and disruptive technologies such as the ECO-Dyeing process that reduces the use of salt in cellulose dyeing and the Vegam Soy functional finishing that inaugurates the vegan concept in the textile processing chemical.

About TANATEX Chemicals

TANATEX Chemicals, headquartered in the Netherlands, breaks new ground with ultramodern textile processing solutions, ranging from pre-treatment to finishing. Through a global network of offices, technical and sales staff, and production hubs, we support our customers worldwide with advanced top quality textile processing chemicals and a high level of technical services. For 60 years we have proven to be a trustworthy and innovative partner. Since 2016 we are part of Transfar Chemicals.

We empower brands, retailers and manufacturers to create textiles that are functional, long-lasting, manufactured using safe chemistry and a sustainable production process. Recent highlights of this strategy include our solutions to bio-based products, mineral based technology, formaldehyde- and solvent-free products and our state of the art urea-free inkjet printing preparations.


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