Home » News » TANATEX Chemicals finalizes acquirement of New TANATEX S.p.A.

TANATEX Chemicals finalizes acquirement of New TANATEX S.p.A.

Home » News » TANATEX Chemicals finalizes acquirement of New TANATEX S.p.A.

TANATEX Chemicals finalizes acquirement of New TANATEX S.p.A.

Ede, the Netherlands – March, 31 2023 – TANATEX is excited to announce the outright purchase of New Tanatex S.p.A. by TANATEX Chemicals B.V.

New Tanatex has been the exclusive agent and distributor of TANATEX Chemicals B.V. for the Italian market and for many Italian investee companies abroad since 2005.

Simon Collinson, President and CEO of TANATEX Chemicals, commented: ‘’The combination of commitment and dedication of the New Tanatex team over the years has allowed us to receive the trust and appreciation of our customers. Furthermore, New Tanatex has played a valuable role in offering a high quality technical service and support to Italian investee companies abroad. This will continue.’’

‘’With the new ownership structure, effectively returning the Italian business to the TANATEX family, we aim to improve our service levels for the Italian market by increasing our technical support, expanding our laboratory facilities and achieving better understanding of what market requires to satisfy our customers efficiently and effectively’’

Collinson finally adds: ‘’We will also ensure that the current customer delivery service will be maintained. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all of our customers and partners for the full successful cooperation and for choosing us over the years. From our side there is a commitment and help to provide you with answers to your challenges. Finally, we would like to add a special thanks to the shareholders from whom we acquired the company, for their unwavering cooperation and commitment to execute this deal in the best interest of all parties involved.’’


About TANATEX Chemicals

TANATEX Chemicals, headquartered in the Netherlands, breaks new ground with ultramodern textile processing solutions, ranging from pre-treatment to finishing. Through a global network of offices, technical and sales staff, and production hubs, we support our customers worldwide with advanced top quality textile processing chemicals and a high level of technical services. For 60 years we have proven to be a trustworthy and innovative partner. Since 2016 we are part of Transfar Chemicals.

We empower brands, retailers and manufacturers to create textiles that are functional, long-lasting, manufactured using safe chemistry and a sustainable production process. Recent highlights of this strategy include our solutions to bio-based products, mineral based technology, formaldehyde- and solvent-free products and our state of the art urea-free inkjet printing preparations.


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