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Interview Priya Joshi

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Interview Priya Joshi

We have great colleagues around the world and asked our Senior Manager Finance in India, Priya Joshi, several questions about her activities at TANATEX.


Priya Joshi, can you explain your daily tasks, what does your work include?

I am working as a Senior Finance Manager for India Region. My major role is managing the Funds and controlling the accounting and reporting activities. I coordinate with local and Global management and mostly with all the departments throughout all the regions for one or other reason. Apart from that, coordination with external entities like consultants, auditors and various government departments is also a part of my work. Being a small team, we do not have designated person for HR activities. Hence, I take care of the HR responsibilities and some of the administrative tasks as well. Also, I lead various projects as and when they emerge.


You are working for TANATEX almost 9 years. How has the organisation developed, in you view?

Well, nine years is quite a good period to witness the changing environment within and outside any organisation. The main change according to me is Global Connect. When I started, the connection with Headquarter in the Netherlands and with other TANATEX entities as well, was very limited but with passage of time it has improved considerably. Now globally I see most of the colleagues are in touch with each other on daily basis and the regional boundaries are no more prominent.


What do you enjoy most about your work?

As I mentioned about “Global Connect” earlier, this is one of the important aspects of my job that I love. By having contact with different colleagues from different regions I get to learn many new things from them. Additionally, I love to talk to people and I am happy that I have made many friends in TANATEX world. Apart from that, multitasking and taking multiple responsibilities gives me immense satisfaction as a professional.


Do you have any favourite memories or anecdotes that stand out from your nine years at TANATEX?

We started with Finance Meetings in 2013 and each meeting created many memories I would say. Coordination over skype or email is way different than meeting and talking to people face to face. In Finance Meetings, we got to know all Finance Colleagues across various countries, their working styles, country specific issues/challenges, and mainly how they addressed these things. It was a great learning and I would really recommend Board to continue conducting such meetings. To answer your question, Finance Meet 2015 which happened in India stands out. All the colleagues from various countries thoroughly enjoyed Indian cuisines, Bollywood tour, and many more things.


What are you most proud of in your career?

Basically, I am a quite content. I feel proud of what I am today, a Finance Manager for a region. Its gratifying leading many successful projects in India over these years like shifting of office premises, conducting finance meetings in India, SAP implementation, conducting various dealer meetings, etc. I am proud of being a “Business Person” today than just a Finance Person. TANATEX gave me exposure to all aspects of business and not just in my core area.


Do you have a favourite TANATEX product or project? If so, what is it and why?

Hmm, a difficult one to answer. All our TANATEX products are my favourite. After all they are TANATEX Products!! Anyhow, I must admit, my product knowledge is limited to the range that we sell in India region. Among those products, I like TANNEX® NOVECO the most. It is one of the top selling product in India region which also mean that many customers like this product. Technically it is different product and stands out against competition. It gives many indirect benefits to customers in comparison with any other wetting agent. Quality consistency is a strength of TANATEX and is admired among the customers always.


If you could change one thing within TANATEX, what would that be and why/how?

TANATEX is going through a big change currently. TANATEX and TRANSFAR cultures are now merging. There have been many changes in Top level management recently. I feel adapting to this change itself is a challenge and future could be brighter with this change provided we show patience and continue to work passionately.


What would you like to achieve in the next few years within TANATEX?

SAP was on my bucket list which is accomplished now. I just want to grow further as a Business person. In coming years, I wish to enhance my SAP expertise and impart my knowledge to my team mates and help them grow as professionals.


How do you see your career development in 10 years?

Oh 10 years! I got to learn many things in past years. I am sure I will keep on getting opportunities to learn new things here for enhancing my skill sets. TANATEX gave me multinational exposure and is the perfect place where I can maintain work-life balance. With the upcoming challenges like changes in tax regimes, amendments in local and international laws, I am sure I will get enough to do in TANATEX.

Thank you Priya Joshi for you time and openness.

Priya Joshi
Senior Finance Manager, India Region

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