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Appetite for growth and innovation as strong as ever

Home » Blog » Appetite for growth and innovation as strong as ever

Appetite for growth and innovation as strong as ever

After no less than 40 years with TANATEX, Juan Carlos Graziani, General Manager in Argentina, is still looking ahead towards new innovations, developments and growth!


Juan Carlos Graziani is everything you might expect from the general manager of our Argentine operation. Warm, passionate, a true people manager, he loves the tango and he loves TANATEX. This last point is obvious because he’s been with the company for 40 years. The reason he’s stayed so long? “I’m lucky enough to have grown in my professional career while working on the things that I enjoy,” he says.


A significant and expanding presence

When Juan Carlos started his career in the 1970s, the textile industry was huge in Argentina and Asian influence minimal. Today imports have replaced much of the national production, but Juan Carlos is proud that TANATEX Argentina retains a significant and expanding presence across Latin America.

“My very first job in 1973 was working for a local factory where I was responsible for pre-treatment, dyeing and finishing of all kinds of fibres, yarn and fabric,” he reveals. “Then, in 1978, I joined Hoechst and my career with the company that is now TANATEX began. As sales manager of Hoechst’s textile sector, I spent just over a year in Germany undertaking training in marketing, production and quality control, as well as dyeing, printing and pre- and post-treatment of various fibres. I have warm and happy memories of those 14 months with my wife and young children.”

When Hoechst and Bayer set up a joint venture, he transferred to Bayer Argentina as sales manager for the new company with responsibility for Bayer’s colouring and auxiliary business in the textile industry. That part of Bayer then became Lanxess and, in 2007, its textile and chemicals business units were sold. “That was when, with my colleagues, we became TANATEX Chemicals Argentina,” he continues. “Today we’re the production centre for TANATEX in Latin America. We strongly focus on developing our export business to Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Chile. Of the products produced locally, our biggest sellers include our crease protection agent, PERSOFTAL® L, our natural mineral stabiliser TANNEX® GEO, and our acid buffer used in dyeing polyester products and blends, TANACID SAB.”


Customers approach us to solve their issues

Juan Carlos studied Industrial Chemistry at the University of Buenos Aires. Innovations and new developments still inspire him. “My favourite product is TANALEV® K-DC because it’s behind the LOGIC DYEING process we developed,” he explains with pride. “The process used for cotton knitwear and blends is quicker and more efficient in terms of energy and water consumption and process time than traditional methods.”

One of the challenges of working in Argentina has nothing to do with the textiles industry itself. The country’s economic environment is constantly changing which requires quick reactions to adapt sales strategies. Juan Carlos credits his team with the growth of the business, across both Argentina and Latin American export markets. “We can feel satisfied here because as a team we have considerable experience from many years in the industry. It’s partly what drives our success.

We have earned a reputation in our market in Argentina for offering solutions for all problems that may arise at our customers. Thanks to our methodics, we are able to satisfy all customer demands. It’s good for our customers and good for our business.”

Juan Carlos Graziani,
General Manager,
TANATEX Chemicals Argentina, SA

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