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TANATEX Code of Conduct


Our key drivers

High performance

We are an ambitious organisation of specialists that is future oriented, acting on trends and the needs of strategic target groups. We are market-driven and entrepreneurial with a clear focus on defined sectors. We deliver a concise, premium portfolio of sustainable textile solutions.

Solution oriented

We provide innovative solutions in our products, processes and business model. We are recognised across the industry for our balanced push and pull strategy, and are considered the benchmark organisation in our target markets.

Customer focus

Customers rely on TANATEX to achieve their business objectives and consumer satisfaction. Endusers rely on TANATEX to meet their demanding usage requirements. We are focused on these needs, and are committed to supplying high quality, distinctive products and services and meeting agreed delivery times. We keep our customers informed properly and in a timely manner.

Resource saving and Product stewardship

We have a consistent focus on product stewardship and developing our portfolio of eco-friendly products as well as a commitment to reduce our own CO2 footprint and those of our customers. We have a responsibility to ensure the continuity of the company and to provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees and our customers. We strive for valued, long-lasting and high-quality relationships, without compromising competitiveness and reliability.

Partnerships and teamwork

We work together with customers, partners and colleagues to achieve success. We show respect for the wishes, interests and ethical standards of partners in all aspects of transactions. Our global network of offices, partners and distributors share this commitment and act upon it. We look for new alliances to combine expertise and experience to achieve future-proof solutions.


Respect in our work and our behaviour

As a company, we respect and encourage employee engagement, through formal channels such as works councils as well as informally through meetings, suggestions and comments.

From our employees we expect high standards of behaviour and professionalism. In all interactions and activities on behalf of TANATEX, employees should demonstrate behaviours which reflect the key drivers of our company: high performance, solution oriented, customer focused, sustainability and product stewardship, partnerships and teamwork.

We require our employees to act in a professional manner, which includes meeting obligations, being truthful and cooperative, and maintaining integrity in their work and civility in their conduct and communications.

In order to uphold a respectful, inclusive and safe work environment at TANATEX, we need every employee to promote and support these principles and to treat everyone with respect and dignity. We do not tolerate any type of discrimination, in particular discrimination based on age, race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, religion or disability. We do not allow any form of physical, sexual, psychological or verbal abuse or any other method of control in the workplace.

Our employees have equal opportunities and treatment in employment. Recruitment, promotion or development in the TANATEX organisation is based on qualifications, skills, experience and performance.

We do not tolerate child labour and forced labour within TANATEX. We address the issue of child labour and forced labour with our partners throughout the supply and sales chains, condemning the use of such labour in the strongest terms.


Doing business with integrity

We sell our solutions with care and in accordance with regulations.

We actively prevent situations which lead to a conflict of interests or loyalties.

Decisions made within our company are based on objective criteria.

Presents, invitations, donations and personal advantages must not influence decisions made by employees of TANATEX.

We strongly condemn corruption.

We will not accept assets resulting from criminal activity.

Invitations and gifts from business contacts and to official company events can be accepted only if they are proportionate and are aligned with trustworthy business practices.

We evaluate and control our operations continuously and strive for a sustainable and competitive advantage through solution-providing concepts and exceptional product performance.

Anybody who contacts TANATEX can expect an open attitude from our company.


Complying with laws

TANATEX undertakes to comply with prevailing international and local law. We comply with international and local tax regulations. We respect import regulations and export restrictions for products and services. We respect the provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention.

We would avoid even the appearance of infringement of the law as it can affect public opinion and the reputation of TANATEX.


Preventing risks for safety, health and the environment

We expect employees and visitors to contribute to a healthy and safe workplace by complying with relevant safety legislation and/or policies and by taking all reasonable precautions to ensure their own safety and that of others.

We are committed to being a good neighbour by executing our operations responsibly. We moderate our use of materials and resources in line with environmental management standards, based on economic, ecological and social aspects.

TANATEX gives clear and professional statements about the hazardous properties of our products.


Protecting property, data and information

We expect employees to deal responsibly with company property by protecting the company’s assets from loss, damage, theft, misuse and unlawful actions. We safeguard the protection of company secrets and intellectual property.

We respect the company property and intellectual property of our competitors and business partners based on agreements and applicable legal provisions.

We safeguard the confidentiality of personal or company related data in accordance with applicable data protection laws, and we expect similar commitments from third parties.

We ensure IT safety in line with our IT safety guidelines.


Promoting fair competition

We operate according to principles of fairness towards colleagues, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

This principle of fairness extends to our competitors. We avoid anti-trust risks under competition laws. We emphasise our strengths without discrediting our competitors.

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