TANAFINISH™ D2M provides textiles with outstanding hydrophilicity, humidity transport, soil release and antistatic effects. TANAFINISH™ D2M confers higher vertical wicking and higher evaporation rate than normal hydrophilic softeners. TANAFINISH™ D2M has a mild washing resistance processes. TANAFINISH™ D2M useful for sportswear and other performance apparel but is also applicable on non-woven and other technical articles to yield long-lasting absorbency.


Features and benefits

  • Yields excellent absorbency on synthetics, such as 100% PES, 100% PA and their blends with cellulose fiber
  • Confers higher vertical wicking and evaporation rate
  • Highly recommendable for sportswear
  • Generally applicable for both apparel and technical articles to improve hydrophilicity
  • Improves the humidity transport of the textile
  • Excellent antistatic properties of polyester
  • Durable to mild washing
  • Low foaming
  • No yellowing when applied separately
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