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Welcome to our treasury room! Here, you find a list of selected products we have in store. The product selector works just like a webshop, as you can filter out the features that don’t apply to your search. Looking for a specific concept or are you interested in sportswear chemicals in general? On this page, you decide.

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Wet waxing agent and stitch lubricant for cotton knitwear. Also suitable for he treatment of bleached, fluorescent whitened and dyed yarns made of wool, cellulosics, synthetics and blends of these fibres.

  • Excellent reduction of thread-to-metal and thread-to-thread friction
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Stable in pressure driers
  • FIBERMATE CW can be applied on all units normally used to dye yarn
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Yarn lubricant for polyester and polyamide yarns which reduces friction and static charges in subsequent processing operations.

  • Very effective against oligomers
  • Very good running properties in the treated yarn during rewinding, weaving and knitting
  • Enhances anti-static properties on the substrate
  • Uniform distribution over the total packages
  • FIBERMATE POC prevents oligomer deposits
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