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Welcome to our treasury room! Here, you find a list of selected products we have in store. The product selector works just like a webshop, as you can filter out the features that don’t apply to your search. Looking for a specific concept or are you interested in sportswear chemicals in general? On this page, you decide.

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BAYPRET® NANO-PU is a special self-crosslinking polyether polyurethane, which is dispersed to a droplet size of less then 100 nm. This makes the BAYPRET® NANO-PU a true nano-dispersion. This gives unique application possibilities like special handle modifications, anti-pilling treatments and resin treatment. Furthermore, its unique properties allow the useage of BAYPRET® NANO-PU to upgrade a resin finishing.

High durability and wash-resistance
Lower strength-loss
Softer and more durable handle
Wrinkle free upgrade to more than 20 washes
Much better abrasion resistance

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BAYPRET® USV is a self-crosslinking polyether polyurethane polymer which forms a permanent highly elastic film around the fibres. This film is formaldehyde-free. Unlike synthetic resins, BAYPRET® USV does noet need a catalyst because it is self-crosslinking. If it is used in combination with synthetic resins these should be crosslinked with weak catalysts such as magnesium chloride or aminohydrochloride. BAYPRET® USV may react to strong catalysts such as zinc nitrate or zinc chloride.

Low formaldehyde
Basic handle is soft and high-bulk
Improves abrasion resistance and rubfastness
Reduces pilling
Fibre-bonding agent

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LAVA-XL-N Slurry is water based dispersion for textile after treatment that provides unmatched odor reduction to textiles up to a 95%. LAVA XL is the second generation of odor control technology that builds from the foundation of the original LAVA technology. Harnessing the power of zeolites – a naturally-based mineral borne from volcanic ash – LAVA XL actually attracts, adsorbs and then degrades odors, instead of neutralizing or masking them.

  • Self regenerating (no need for laundering)
  • No anti-microbial ingredient
  • Wash durable up to 50 washes
  • Suitable for any fibre type
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TANA®FINISH HPX is specially developed for hydrodynamic finishes on synthetic fibres, to counter the normally lower wear-comfort of textiles made out of synthetics. TANA®FINISH HPX is useful for e.g. sportswear and other performance apparel, but is also applicable on non-wovens and other technical articles to yield long-lasting absorbency. TANA®FINISH HPX is also effective as soil-releasing finishing for PES fiber and its blends. TANA®FINISH HPX is a special hydrophilic polymer with high affinity to PES fiber. TANA®FINISH HPX forms a hydrophilic protective layer on PES fiber surface which prevents dirt from adhering to fiber and can therefore be easily removed during laundering.

  • Yields excellent absorbency on synthetics, such as 100% PES, 100% PA and their blends
  • Improves the humidity transport of the textile
  • Excellent antistatic and soil-releasing properties of polyester
  • Durable to mild washing
  • No yellowing when applied separately
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SYNTHAPPRET® BAP 01 allows permanent additive anti-felt finishing of wool and wool blends without pre-chlorination or oxidative treatment.

  • Improved dimensional stability and abrasion resistance
  • Reduced pilling and snagging
  • Finish is resistant to washing and dry cleaning
  • No reduction in colourfastness
  • APEO-free
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TANA®FINISH 40119 is an anti-slip finishing agent for all types of fibre that enables anti-pilling and anti-snag finishing.

Silica sol for anti-slip, anti-pilling and anti-snag finishes to improve seam resistance
little impact on handle.
Basically resistant to washing and dry cleaning

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TANA®FINISH A is an anti-slip finishing agent for all types of fibre that enables anti-pilling and anti-snag finishing. It also acts as an additive for spinning lubricants.

Can be applied in acid and alkaline media
Bascally resistant to washing and dry cleaning

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Highly elastic self-crosslinking polyurethane to upgrade the stretch & recovery properties of textile articles.

  • Increases elastic properties such as elongation, elastic recovery and force decay
  • Yields a bulky, differentiated handle of the textile
  • Increased wash-durability of softeners
  • Can be combined with durable moisture management agents
  • Fine distribution over and penetration into the fabric
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Soft and flexible self-crosslinking polyurethane to upgrade the quality of your textiles.

  • Fine distribution over and penetration into the fabric
  • Yields durable hydrophilic finishes on all fibres
  • Improves abrasion resistance
  • Suitable in pre-treatment processes to protect the fabric during wet processes
  • Is over-dyeable
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