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ZPTECH Z06 R30700-480

ZPTECH Z06 R30700-480

Delivered in a liquid dispersion, ZPTECH® antibacterial and antifungal technology is highly effective against body odours caused by odour generating bacteria, as well as by mold, mildew and other fungi.

  • Microban ZPTECH®  inhibits the growth of microorganisms that can lead to product deterioration.
  • It can be exhaust applied to the fabric during the normal manufacturing process and no additional steps are required.
  • ZPTECH® is compatible with auxiliaries. Works well with moisture management, repellents and softeners.
  • Applications include polyester, polyester-cotton blends, polyester-elastane blends, nylon and poly-urethane foam.
  • In testing,  Microban ZPTECH® remained effective in inhibiting the growth of bacteria after 50 or more typical home launderings.
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