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Recharging whilst sleeping

TANATEX Chemicals is proud to introduce Qi-tex. A Far Infrared (FIR) technology for textiles. With the help of FIR radiation, Qi-tex is able to stimulate several sufficient benefits to the wearer. One of these benefits is the enhancement of sleep performance and increases body recovery whilst being asleep.


Why you should change your bedtime habits and improve your sleeping environment

America’s CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has declared insufficient sleep a ‘public health problem’. Estimations suspect 20-30% of European adults experiencing it on a daily basis. As an essential part of good health and well-being, your body desperately needs to recover from the physical and mental efforts you have made during the day. Subsequently, more and more studies have found evidence on the major consequences of bad sleep performance on your health such as increased risks of heart disease, high blood pressure, and strokes, consumers are re-looking at their bedtime habits and sleeping environment with the intention of improving it.

How FIR technology can stimulate sleep enhancement

An effective way to improve  the quality of sleep is the application of FIR radiation. It widens blood vessels, reduces blood pressure and therefore allows better sleep performance. Subsequently, scientific studies have confirmed this and reported FIR to contribute to fewer insomnia, decreased fatigue, and increased deep sleep. In addition, FIR rays can greatly benefit body recovery whilst sleeping

How FIR technology can stimulate body recovery whilst sleeping

Widen blood vessels result in an increased blood flow to muscles, joints and skin. It allows for more concentrated oxygen to be delivered to the required areas and an increased heart beat. Therefore, nutrients and toxic waste products leave the body faster. As a result, the body can create more energy. This energy can heal, reduce and provide faster recovery from cramps, fatigue and stiffness. Studies found FIR rays and recovery being connected. Further, FIR needs 24 hours to fully heal a body from its damage induced from exercise. In fact, energy that is produced at the cellular level quickens the recovery of muscle tissue. It also reduces the occurrence of cramping, edema, and muscle fatigue. Moreover, studies on the effects of FIR on muscle tissue resulted in positive effect on muscle strength recovery, accelerated recovery of muscle pain, and relaxed muscles.


Your solution lies in Qi-tex

Qi-tex absorbs the heat emitted by your body and reflects it in the form of Far Infrared radiation which has the ability to penetrate up to four centimeters beneath your skin to reach muscles, blood vessels, and nerves. The body experiences this energy as a gentle radiant heat resulting in faster body recovery and increased sleep performance. By using Qi-tex in your bedding, pajamas, or mattress you’ll be sleeping like a baby while recovering from your intense workout!


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