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Preserving body heat

Qi-tex is a smart-technology product of TANATEX Chemicals made from a Far Infrared (FIR) fabric finish. With the help of FIR radiation, Qi-tex is able to preserve the wearer’s body heat around the body. This way, it keeps the wearer warm in outdoor conditions.


Preserving the heat around your body

After a long period of separation, mankind and nature have been reunited and they are closer than ever. Likewise, people spend their free time outdoors while undertaking activities such as hiking, cycling, climbing, windsurfing, and skiing. However, dealing with the increasing winter temperature or an occasional autumn storm, outdoor enthusiasts need the right insulation clothing to keep them warm.

Your solution lies in Qi-tex

We implemented a third-party testing at the Taiwan Textile Research Institute to see the effect of FIR rays on the ability of preserving body heat. Subsequently, we used a thermograph to see the difference between Qi-tex and an untreated fabric. Results show the fabric treated with Qi-tex was able to preserve more body heat than the untreated fabric. FIR rays penetrate up to four centimeter beneath your skin. As a result, it reaches your muscles, blood vessels, and nerves which is experienced as a gentle radiant heat. Consequently, FIR radiation is able to widen blood vessels resulting in an increased blood flow which warms the skin. Therefore, textile finished with Qi-tex is able to keep the heat of the body around the wearer to keep them warm!


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