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Improving balance

Qi-tex is a smart-technology product of TANATEX Chemicals made from a Far Infrared fabric finish. With the help of Far Infrared radiation, Qi-tex is able to improve the wearer’s balance and stability.


Living independently, active and balanced

In the next three decades, the number of people aged 65 and older is expected to double. Even though people may live longer, want to be independent, and do not want to give up on their active lifestyles, becoming more fragile is inevitable. Consequently, elderly and other people who are less mobile are in need for the perfect combination to stay safe when performing their daily activities. Hence, mart technology clothing is able to help them to be more flexible and keep them from falling or slipping.

How Far Infrared technology can improve your balance and stability

By applying Far Infrared rays reduces the loss of Far Infrared heat by reflecting the emitted radiation back to the body. Consequently, the body experiences this energy as a gentle radiant heat which can penetrate up to almost four cm beneath the skin. Far Infrared heat is able to widen blood vessels, reduce blood pressure, therefore allows the wearer to relax. So the relaxation results in less physical stress and an improved balance of the body.

Your solution lies in Qi-tex

TANATEX Chemicals tested how Qi-tex can improve someone’s stability. Therefore, a group of 120 participants ranging from 15-75 years old tested the Far Infrared clothes. They performed several balance exercises either wearing a Qi-tex shirt or a normal shirt. The results showed 80% of the participants having an improved balance when wearing the Qi-Tex shirt and 30% of the participants even feeling an improved balance when wearing the Qi-tex shirt.


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