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Enhancing athletic performance

Qi-tex is a smart-technology product of TANATEX Chemicals made from a Far Infrared (FIR) fabric. With the help of FIR radiation, Qi-tex is able to improve the wearer’s athletic performance.


How FIR technology can improve your athletic performance.

Applying FIR technology has two main benefits on our body and its performance, i.e. increased blood circulation and increased oxygen levels. FIR radiation is able to widen blood vessels which makes the blood flow to your muscles, joints, and skin work better. Hence, this results into your body being able to deliver more concentrated oxygen and your heart beating faster which leads to a faster exchange of nutrients and toxic waste products in the body. If waste products leave your body quicker, your body is able to create more energy for us to use.

The metabolism of muscle tissue needs increased oxygen levels. During an intense exercise, muscles consume about 60% of the total oxygen in your body. Therefore, making muscle tissue a significant consumer of nutrients and oxygen. Increasing oxygen levels means that a faster renewal of energy occurs during an exercise. More oxygen aids the increase of energy which athletes need during their exercises.


Your solution lies in Qi-tex

Qi-tex can be added to the fabric to help you perform better and recover faster. It reflects the body’s energy emissions during an exercise and then re-emits FIR back into the body where muscle tissue re-absorbs it. As a result, the body experiences this energy as a gentle radiant heat which can penetrate up to almost four cm beneath the skin to reach our muscles, blood vessels, and joints. Therefore, Qi-tex enables the wearer to improve their athletic performance in a natural way by recycling energy. We implemented a third-party testing at the Taiwan Textile Research Institute to see the washability of Qi-tex. Results show Qi-tex lasts up to 50-100 washes.


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