Home » Blog » Just like Qi-Tex, it’s all about balance!

Just like Qi-Tex, it’s all about balance!

Home » Blog » Just like Qi-Tex, it’s all about balance!

Just like Qi-Tex, it’s all about balance!

Jordi Simó appears to achieve the impossible. CEO of TANATEX partner Grupo ADI, he is also a dedicated sportsman and happily-married father of seven children. How does he manage to do it all?

“There’s no secret apart from having a cheerful spirit, being well organised, transparent and having the ability to delegate,” he replies.

Total trusting relationship ensures successful collaboration

Jordi set up Grupo ADI in 1997 and has been a partner with TANATEX from the start. “It was thanks to TANATEX that Grupo ADI began the process of internationalisation,” he says. “We reached many agreements allowing us to grow together. There’s no doubt that our partnership has developed into a total trusting relationship which ensures a successful collaboration.”

Today Grupo ADI is made up of a number of companies extending across Europe to Brazil, and is continuing to grow. Jordi’s strategy, closely aligned with that of TANATEX, is to use technical support as a way of providing added value to customers by helping improve processes and reduce costs. Therefore, he sees no benefit in competing on price alone.

“I believe TANATEX has led the way in communicating to customers how they can improve their processes,” he says. “Now, to stay ahead of the competition, we need customers to see ADI and TANATEX not just as a supplier. But as a partner who will help them in quality, environmental and energy improvements. We need to be agile to offer a great service.”


Favourite product feels like magic!

For a man who manages to achieve such a successful work-life balance, Jordi’s favourite TANATEX product should come as no surprise. It’s Qi-tex, a smart finish which helps textiles harness the body’s energy during sport while also helping to improve its balance. “I regularly wear this sportswear and it is indeed unbelievable – it feels like magic!” he says.

Jordi not only finds time for his own sporting activities every day, he also encourages a sporting culture throughout the company. “It’s a culture in which health, constancy, self-esteem, sacrifice and teamwork are all promoted, “ he says. “We drive ourselves to constantly improve and fight hard to meet our goals.

“In relation to sporting activities themselves, I never say no to a sporting proposal in the group. In fact, we have our own ski mountaineering team and some of our skiers compete in the world cup. Additionally, our mountain bike team competes in the Spanish championships and we sponsor various teams and athletes with worldwide reputation.”

Since TANATEX celebrates 60 years of operations, Jordi is enthusiastic about meeting future goals together. In effect, he sees opportunities for the businesses to grow in textiles and other markets. “I believe new business opportunities can be generated. As the world is full of new chances we can expand our business if we have a positive and open mind,” he adds.

Jordi Simó – CEO

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