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The Extreme Whiteness Concept is an innovative concept from TANATEX Chemicals that helps fashion brands and their suppliers obtain the brightest white. 

The problem with white articles is that they tend to yellow by external influences. Such influences that you as a fashion brand or textile mill do not control. At TANATEX we have found the winning combination of products that help you get the ultimate white. Our product specialists can explain exactly how to implement the Extreme Whiteness Concept into the production process of your yarn, fabric or garment. Ultimately this prevents articles being returned by retail parties or consumers because they have lost their sparkle.



Our set of products was developed to handle difficult quality fabrics that are used in manufacturing a white bra, which is for sure one of the most troubling of articles in the textile industry. This makes us confident to say that our system can make a difference to the most difficult cases you can come across.

Extreme Whiteness is made in the Netherlands, and it’s your best shot in obtaining the brightest white.


The Extreme Whiteness Concept is a full package of several products that provide the brightest white to your yarn, fabric or garment.

We offer free advice, ensuring an optimized production process and we even have our own testing facility where we can test under several circumstances.

One partner, one order, one phone call away!


TANATEX Chemicals loves to work in close partnership with you as a designer or technologist to deliver beautiful garments to the end user.

Our product specialists are leading technologists in the field of whiteness retention. They can pinpoint exactly which factors influence the yellowing in your case, so the right recipe for each garment is decided.


Delivering quality articles to a consumer is a goal of everyone in the textile or fashion industry. But how do you fight all the factors that influence the garment’s color before they reach the consumer? We might have the answer. From this whitepaper you’ll learn every aspect influencing the whiteness of your garment as well as the magic mix to fight these influences and some essential requirements your garment should answer to.


During our long history in innovating the whiteness of bra’s something special happened. Chemists in our product development labs found out that when they combined SPANSCOUR SPARK with TANASSIST® PROSET, they enhanced each other’s properties. Like no other product, these siblings strengthen each other, resulting in what may be the fundament of The Extreme Whiteness Concept unmatched quality.


TANATEX Chemicals wants to enable you to make the best evaluation possible. Our global team of product specialists is all set to advise you on your whiteness issues. Schedule a preliminary meeting and find out how you can improve the whiteness retention of your yarn, fabric or garment.


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