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Acid buffer for the dyeing of polyester, polyester/wool and polyester/cellulosic blends

Has dispersing and chelation properties
Good buffering capacity at a pH range from 4-6
Good chelating action prevents change of shade caused by heavy metals ions
Phosphate free
Improves the reproducibility of the dyeings

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Special auxiliary to scour and dye greige fabric in one bath with Reactive and Direct dyes.

  • Excellent wetting-out of the fabric
  • Good detergency and emulsifying effect
  • Disperses impurities present on cellulosic fibres
  • Improves the dyehouse productivity due to shorter dyeing time
  • Reduce energy costs and the water consumption
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Auxiliary to prevent hydrolysis of Direct dyes when dyeing cellulosics

Applicable in long liquor ratio and pad-steam process
Protective agent to maintain wool quality
It is recommended to use in dyeing and chroming bathes
Reduces the risk of wool damage under alkaline conditions
Improves the reproducibility of dyeings

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Appetite for growth and innovation as strong as ever

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As Pradeep Karhade, Director of TANATEX India, prepares to retire, he looks back over his career and explains why doing things differently has proved such a successful strategy. Pradeep Karhade has spent his entire career in the chemicals industry. He joined Ciba Specialty Chemicals India in 1986 and moved from there to mastermind the launch […]

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