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0% UREA, 100% COLOUR

Every t-shirt produced contains five grams of urea in its inkjet preparation recipe. This builds up to a serious amount of urea needed for every cotton order you produce. Since urea consists of 47% of nitrogen, it is vital that the textile industry does everything it can to tackle this nitrogen problem. To help you reduce your urea use in inkjet printing, we developed a solution that is able to bring your cotton recipe down from 43 grams of urea to 1 gram. 

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Find out how these urea-free solutions can help you deliver expceptional colour and brialliancy with your inkjet printer. Discover the cost-effectiveness of cutting out urea in your printing process. Download our whitepaper to get these answers and see how others have already done so.

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Our inkjet printing experts will tell you step-by-step how they are able to reduce your ink preparation from 43g per kg of cotton to just 1g. Sign up for this webinar and ask questions about this new urea-free solution.

Customer advantage


Our urea-free solutions can help you deliver exceptional colour and brilliancy with your inkjet printer.


By reducing your ink preparation from 43g per kg of cotton to just 1g we can tackle our industry’s wastewater problems.


The perfect recipe is never an off-the-peg solution and you will need to experiment, with our support, in the lab to establish the optimal recipe. Our new products have the potential to liberate you from urea use completely.

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