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Welcome to the TANATEX services lab

In the TANATEX services lab, our experts deal with complex requests from our customers. It’s the place where textile processes are tailored to specific production processes, where products “go green” and where product quality is improved. In close collaboration with the TANATEX R&D labs and the laboratories of distributing partners, the services lab successfully processes more than 1000 requests per year, coming from customers all around the world. The secret lies in the right equipment, passion and a critical eye.

Based on lab results, TANATEX experts advise customers on which adjustments to make and which product combinations are possible

Support during every technical phase

The TANATEX services lab offers support during every technical phase of the production process: pre-treatment, OBAs, dyeing, coating, traditional and digital printing, finishing and softening, and carpet processing. We help customers save out on resources, improve their production process or take product quality to the next level. For example, we sometimes discover that customers have contra productive chemicals in their process, so they need to prioritise certain product properties while leaving out others. Based on the lab results, TANATEX experts advise customers on which adjustments to make and which product combinations are possible.

+1000 lab works a year

TANATEX lab technicians deal with around 1,100 lab works a year. Our distributing partners are able to do a part of the testing themselves, so we receive the more complex requests that require in-depth expertise and specific equipment. Our work results in a testing report, so that our customers can decide which product properties are most valuable to them. This is a challenge, as they’re not looking for a compromise, but for the ultimate solution. We can’t always offer this, but we can finetune on recipe and find the best suitable option under the given circumstances. This is a puzzle, but our lab technicians often find a way to make it work.

TANATEX Services Lab

Triple TANATEX advantage

There are two main factors that make the TANATEX lab services special. First, our lab technicians live and breathe “Adding passion to textiles”. Every single lab technician will do everything in his or her power to get to the very best outcome. Second, we have the luxury of having both an R&D lab and a services lab at our facilities. This means that all the expertise and experience are gathered in one place, including several instruments from renowned international equipment providers that nobody else has. We have everything at our disposal to fix even the most complex of problems, which is why, often, we can.

Want to know more about the services lab and what we can do for you? Get in touch!


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